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How to Restrict IP Addresses from Accessing your Web Server using .htaccess

If you are running the Apache Web Server or your web hosting provider running Apache based web server, you can ...
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How to monitor a log file on Linux with logwatch

Linux operating system and many applications create special files commonly referred to as "logs" to record their operational events. These ...
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Packet Analyzer: 15 TCPDUMP Command Examples

Packet Analyzer: efficient network traffic analysistcpdump command is also called as packet analyzer.tcpdump command will work on most flavors of ...
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How to Backup Linux? 15 rsync Command Examples

rsync stands for remote sync.rsync is used to perform the backup operation in UNIX / Linux.rsync utility is used to ...
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Mass-blocking IP addresses with ipset

Using ipset to block many IP addressesI was sponsoring an upload of ipset to Debian the other day. This reminded ...
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MySQL: Setting Account Resource Limits

One means of restricting client use of MySQL server resources is to set the global max_user_connections system variable to a ...
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Collect & visualize your logs with Logstash, Elasticsearch & Redis

Source: Update of December 6th : although Logstash does the job as a log shipper, you might consider replacing ...
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How to secure SSH login with one-time passwords on Linux

As someone says, security is a not a product, but a process. While SSH protocol itself is cryptographically secure by ...
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