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Cron Job Tutorial: Crontab Scheduling Syntax and Script Example

source: Devshed Crontabs is very useful when doing website maintenance. You can use this feature for the following purposes: Deleting ...
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Accéder à un serveur ssh comme si c’était un répertoire local

1. Installez sshfs: sudo aptitude install sshfs 2. Créez le répertoire où apparaîtra le serveur ssh: mkdir pointdemontage 3. Ajoutez ...
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Convert apache HTTP combined logs into SQL (and import it into a mysql database eventually)

source: you need to extract the data in your http server log files and put it in a database to ...
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Basic munin plugins for Snort

Here are some basic munin plugins for snort using perfmon (Enable preprocessor perfmonitor in snort.conf) The snort.conf entry should look ...
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Linux Command: Show Linux Version

Source: nixCraft What command I need to type to display Linux kernel version and other information such as Linux distribution ...
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Thunderbird/Change account order

To change the order of the accounts in Thunderbird simply edit ~/.thunderbird/<your profile>/prefs.js in GNU/Linux, C:\Documents and Settings\<your profile>\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\****.default\prefs.js ...
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MySQL show users – how to show the users in a MySQL database

To show/list the users in a MySQL database, first log into your MySQL server as an administrative user, then run ...
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MySQL – Chargement d’un fichier texte dans une table

Pour charger une fichier texte défini comme suit : $ tail /home/user1/test.txt 'nom1',1,9 'nom2',2,3 'nom3',3,54 'nom4',4,2 'nom5',5,9 Dans une table ...
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