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Use Fail2Ban to contact the IP provider’s of bruteforce attacks source

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Fail2ban is a very useful and powerful solution to limit the bruteforce on your server. but fail2ban doesn’t provide you a way to contact directly the IP provider’s of bruteforce attacks source. I have modify an fail2ban action file’s and create a script for that.


Go to the fail2ban action folders :

# cd /etc/fail2ban/action.d

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Using ssh as a SOCKS proxy on Mac OS X

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Many times it can be convenient to tunnel your web traffic through a proxy, particularly an encrypted one. This web page shows how to easily tunnel your traffic through an ssh-encrypted proxy on Mac OS X. This allows your traffic to traverse your local network without being visible to snoopers, even when visiting unencrypted sites.

It also allows you to appear to come from a different IP address, allowing you to defeat geolocation schemes. In particular, some credit card processors try to make sure that your credit card billing address is correlated with your IP address, which can be hard on us expatriates. Another example is the free credit report web site which doesn’t seem to work from outside the United States. There are undoubtedly many other practical, legitimate uses for this sort of redirection. Lire la suite…

How to: Add Multiple Google Calendars into iCal

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Do you have a GMail or Google account and use Google Calendar?  Have you ever needed to view multiple calendars in iCal, but can’t? Getting your Google Calendar into your iCal is fairly easy with a few simple steps.

To begin, you will need to do is fire up iCal, in iCal “Preferences,” and click on “Accounts” at the top. Then under “Account Type” select “Google” and fill out your username and password. After the window disappears go to “Server Settings” and make sure the server address is, and that the port “use SSL” is checked. After you have checked over those things you will need to click on “Delegation” which should be right next to “Server Settings.” Click all the boxes of Calendar Categories that you would like to have in iCal and it in a few minutes your calendar should have the events from Google Calendar. iCal will automatically bring in new changes every 15 minutes; however, if you wish to have it done faster, just change the rate in the “Refresh Calendars” box.

There you go, all of your Google Calendars should now be in iCal, now you don’t have to view Google Calendars’ “Microsoft looking” interface.

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PHP MySQL Benchmark Tool (PMBT v. 0.2)

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Source: Reasons Unbeknownst

The old saying “Need is the father of innovation” (or something like that) held true this weekend. I was looking for an easy way to benchmark MySQL for some RAM drive InnoDB experimentation but couldn’t find anything cross platform, user friendly, and created after 2005. So I built an early version of what I was looking for.

This is a very synthetic benchmark for now. In some instances InnoDB is much faster than MyISAM (simultaneous reads/writes) but that doesn’t come across in these results. I’m planning on beefing up the benchmark options in later versions. This tool is currently useful in benchmarking hard drive / RAID performance when using InnoDB. It’s also good for basic my.cnf tweaking. Lire la suite…

Fail2ban, POSTFIX and SPAM

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Very simple solution:
1) add rule to /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf:

[spam] enabled = true
filter = spam
action = iptables[name=SPAM, port=smtp, protocol=tcp] sendmail-whois[name=SPAM,,] logpath = /var/log/mail.log
bantime = 3600
ignoreip =
maxretry = 2

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