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Delete files by creation date

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On the command line, you can use the “find” command to select certain files, and then use the “-exec” switch to cause some other command to be run on those files. So if you use “-exec rm” you will delete the files that are found. So, for example:

 find -mmin +4 -exec rm {} +

will delete any files in the current directory (and sub-directories) that are older than 4 minutes. This is because the “-mmin +4” switch causes find to return files older than 4 minutes. There are other options, like “-mtime” that return files based on modified date in days. You can use + or – depending on what kind of behavior you are trying to achieve. For a more complete explanation of all the options, see the manual page:

Be careful when using the rm command! It’s usually a good idea to test your command first, before using it. So, for instance, use something like:

 find -mmin +4 -exec ls {} +

which will just list the files that you are selecting for. If the list looks right, then you can switch the “ls” to “rm” in the command and it will delete the files.

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