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Watch iptables counters

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How to check iptables traffic on the fly?

Here are a few commands that can help:

watch --interval 0 'iptables -nvL | grep -v "0 0"'

This will allow you to watch as matches occur in real-time. To filter out only ACCEPT, DROP, LOG..etc, then run the following command: watch ‘iptables -nvL | grep -v “0 0” && grep “ACCEPT”‘ The -v is used to do an inverted filter. ie. NOT “0 0”

watch 'iptables -vL'

Watch the number of packets/bytes coming through the firewall. Useful in setting up new iptables rules or chains. Use this output to reorder rules for efficiency.

while true; do iptables -nvL > /tmp/now; diff -U0 /tmp/prev /tmp/now > /tmp/diff; clear; cat /tmp/diff; mv /tmp/now /tmp/prev; sleep 1; done

this alternative shows the differences as they occur so that they are made plain

watch -d -n 2 iptables -nvL

This will highlight (with a box over it) any changes since the last refresh.

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