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SabNZBd Automation Support

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To help connect SABnzbd to other utilities, some automation functions are available through the web-interface.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting with release 0.4.9 each API call must have the extra parameter “apikey=secret-key“.
The secret-key can be found in Config->General.

In the commands, substitute elements in <> by proper values.
Example: get an NZB from an indexer (using its full URL):


Where <url> is the URL of the indexer. Please note that this URL requires proper quoting.


These commands give a one line response. Either “ok\n” or “error\n”.
Only the shutdown command will give no response.

When the web interface username and password are set, you need to add two extra parameters:
ma_username and ma_password.
So the above example will become:


Upload an NZB file, the <name> is the pathless name of the filename


Omitted parameters (cat, pp or script) will get default values.
If you want to force an empty parameter, use an empty string, e.g. script=””.

Send the URL from where SABnzbd must download an NZB file


Pause the downloading of SABnzbd


Resume the downloading of SABnzbd


Shutdown SABnzbd


Set the autoshutdown feature of SABnzbd on (1) or off (0)


Brief queue status report (json or xml)


Returns a JSON object containing:

“kbpersec”<downloadspeed in KB/sec>,
“mbleft”<MB to be downloaded>,
“mb”<MB that have been downloaded>,
“noofslots”<number of jobs in the queue>,
“diskspace1”<free space on download_dir disk>,
“diskspace2”<free space on complete_dir disk>,
“jobs”<queue object>
 where <queue object> is an array of the following objects:
“id”<job id>,
“filename”<name of job>,
“mb”<MB of job>,
“mbleft”<MB left>,
“msgid”<indexer’s report number>
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or return an XML object:


Set speed limit


Set the download speed limit.

Set action for empty queue


Action to be executed when the download queue becomes empty:

  • script_xxx, where ‘xxx’ is a script from the list returned by the api call get_scripts.
  • shutdown_pc
  • hibernate_pc
  • shutdown_program

Warnings overview


Returns a JSON or XML object containing an array of warning strings.

Category list


Returns a JSON or XML object containing an array of category strings.

Script list


Returns a JSON or XML object containing an array of script strings.



Returns a JSON or XML object containing the version of SABnzbd.

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