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Mac OS X Lion power user keyboard shortcuts

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key commands-1 (finder command)

mac_os_x_lioncmd + space ===== highlight menu
cmd + opt + space ===== highlight window
cmd + delete ===== move/go to trash
shfit + cmd + delete ===== empty/clean trash
shfit + opt + cmd + delete =====force/immediate empty trash
cmd + n ===== new finder window
shift + cmd + n ===== new folder
cmd + tab ===== get/view info
opt + cmd + tab ===== show/display inspector
cmd + y/space bar ===== quick look
cmd + e ===== eject volume
cmd + j ===== view options show/display
cmd + k ===== server connect
shift + cmd + a ===== applications folderopen
shift + cmd + c ===== computer folder open
cmd + up arrow ===== enclosing folder open
cmd + f ===== find/search

key commands-2 (text editing)

cmd + left arrow ===== go/move to start/end line
cmd + up arrow ===== go/move to start/end document
opt + left arrow ===== go/move to previous/next word
opt + up arrow ===== go/move to previous/next paragraph
cmd + x ===== cut
cmd + c ===== copy
cmd + v ===== paste
cmd + a ===== select all
cmd + l ===== with selection web search
cmd + y ===== with selection sticky note

key commands-3 (power shortcuts)

opt + cmd + eject ===== sleep
ctrl + cmd + eject ===== restart
ctrl + opt + cmd + eject ===== shut down
shift + ctrl + eject ===== sleep appear/display
ctrl + eject ===== power options dialog

key commands-4 (screen capture)

shift + cmd + 3 ===== screen/appear to file
shift + ctrl + cmd + 3 ===== screen/appear to clipboard
shift + cmd + 4 ===== area to file space to get window
shift + ctrl + cmd + 4 ===== area to clipboard space to get window

key commands-5 (mission control)

ctrl + up arrow ===== mission control view/display

ctrl + down arrow ===== appʼs windows show/display
f11 ===== desktop show/display
f12 ===== dashboard show/display
ctrl + left/right arrow ===== between spaces move
tab ===== windows show/display for next app   then press ctrl + down arrow
spacebar ===== window enlarge under cursor   then press ctrl + up arrow

key commands-6 (keyboard control focus)

ctrl + f2 ===== menu bar focus
ctrl + f3 ===== dock focus
ctrl + f5 ===== window toolbar focus
ctrl + f8 ===== menu bar status icons focus
left, right, up & down arrow ===== navigate 21a9 (return)
esc ===== exit

key commands-7 (switching applications & windows)

cmd + tab ===== advance/go next app
cmd + ` ===== current app’s next window
opt + cmd + d ===== dock hide/show

key commands-8 (universal access display controls)

opt + cmd + 8 ===== zoom feature toggle
opt + cmd + =  ===== zoom in
opt + cmd + – (minus) ===== zoom out
ctrl + opt + cmd + 8 ===== screen reverse

key commands-9 (application commands)

cmd + n ===== new window
cmd + , ===== app preferences
cmd + o ===== open
cmd + h ===== app hide
cmd + w ===== close
opt + cmd + h ===== others hide
cmd + s ===== save
cmd + t ===== fonts panel show/display
shift + cmd + s ===== save as
shift + cmd + c ===== colors panel show/display
cmd + p ===== print
shift + cmd + / ===== help
cmd + q ===== quit/exit
ctrl + cmd + f ===== full screen mode

key commands-10 (startup keys)

opt ===== boot volume choose
opt + cmd + p + r ===== reset pram
cmd + s ===== boot single user mode
cmd + r ===== internet & disk utility recovery
cmd + t ===== go into target disk mode

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Monitoring Ubuntu Desktops and Servers Using Monit

04/07/2020 Aucun commentaire

monit is a utility for managing and monitoring, processes, files, directories and devices on a UNIX system. Monit conducts automatic maintenance and repair and can execute meaningful causal actions in error situations.

Monit Features

  • Daemon mode – poll programs at a specified interval
  • Monitoring modes – active, passive or manual
  • Start, stop and restart of programs
  • Group and manage groups of programs
  • Process dependency definition
  • Logging to syslog or own logfile
  • Configuration – comprehensive controlfile
  • Runtime and TCP/IP port checking (tcp and udp)
  • SSL support for port checking
  • Unix domain socket checking
  • Process status and process timeout
  • Process cpu usage
  • Process memory usage
  • Process zombie check
  • Check the systems load average
  • Check a file or directory timestamp
  • Alert, stop or restart a process based on its characteristics
  • MD5 checksum for programs started and stopped by monit
  • Alert notification for program timeout, restart, checksum, stop resource and timestamp error
  • Flexible and customizable email alert messages
  • Protocol verification. HTTP, FTP, SMTP, POP, IMAP, NNTP, SSH, DWP,LDAPv2 and LDAPv3
  • An http interface with optional SSL support to make monit accessible from a webbrowser

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Refresh Launchpad in Mac OS X 10.7 Lion

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hide-apps-in-launchpad-osxlionLaunchpad is OS X 10.7′s iOS-like app launcher, it’s a nice utility but it does have some quirky behavior in Lion. One of the major issues is that sometimes apps won’t appear in Launchpad at all, or when you delete an app it doesn’t disappear as it’s supposed to. If you run into this, try this tipleft in the comments about LaunchPad Control about refreshing Launchpad and its contents.

Relaunching Launchpad

Launchpad is attached to the Dock app, so the easiest way to relaunch LaunchPad is to kill the Dock from the command line:

killall Dock

Both the Dock and Launchpad will relaunch and that should clear up most minor issues with app persistence.

Refresh Launchpad Contents

If relaunching alone hasn’t fixed LaunchPad and apps are still not showing up, try deleting Launchpads database files located inside your home ~/Library directory, which forces them to rebuild. The directory path you are looking for is:

~/Library/Application Support/Dock/

The fastest way to get there is by using Command+Shift+G in the Finder to access the “Go To Folder” function, then just paste that directory path in. You will see a folder like this:


If you want to back these up you can, otherwise just delete them by dragging the .db files to the Trash, and then kill the Dock again from the Terminal to force the databases to regenerate.

killall Dock

Take note that you will lose any custom icon placement and folders that are setup within Launchpad, because that information is stored in the database file you are trashing.


One-Line Terminal Command to Refresh Launchpad Contents

If you are comfortable with the command line, you can also do this entire process through the Terminal with the following commands:

rm ~/Library/Application\ Support/Dock/*.db ; killall Dock

If you want control over exactly what shows up in Launchpad rather than just creating a bunch of folders, use the third party System Preference Launchpad Control, it’s free and works as a sql frontend to the Launchpad database.


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How to convert .rmvb to .avi (on PowerPC and Intel Macs)?

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The good news is it’s very easy. The bad news is you’ll need a PowerPC Mac.A big thank you to Bluemint for pointing out an Universal Binaries version of the Real Codec is actually available, making the conversion possible on both PowerPC and Intel Mac. The instructions below are herewith updated.

What you’ll need:

  1. ffmpegX – It’s a Mac OS X graphic user interface designed to easily operate more than 20 powerful Unix open-source video and audio processing tools
  2. mpeg2enc – Download to your Downloads folder.
  3. mencoder & mplayer – Download and decompress the zip file.


The first time you launch ffmpegX it’ll ask you to locate three components (items 2 & 3 above). Click on the respective “Locate” buttons to tell ffmpegX where they are. After that, enter your Mac OS X login password (ffmpegX won’t work if your login password is empty) and click the “Install” button.

Download and Install the Real Codec (Universal Binaries)

  1. Download the “Mac OS X x86″ binary codec package from one of these links on this page.
  2. Unzip the downloaded zip file and install the codec package.
  3. Select “Go to folder …” from Finder’s “Go” menu.
  4. Type “/usr/local/lib/” in the input text field and click “Go”
  5. You should see a “codecs” folder in the new window.
  6. Drag the “codecs” folder to your Desktop, and rename it to “reallib”.
  7. Move the “reallib” folder to “/Library/Applications Support/ffmpegx/”.

Performing the conversion to .avi

UB Rockz on any valid unicode Path/Filename.

Drag and drop your rmvb file into the “From” well and just click the “Encode” button to start encoding. Unless you’re an expert user, do not be tempted to change any settings when converting a .rmvb file.

In other words, for a successful run, just drag, drop, and click Encode. What more can you ask for?


  • Re-launch ffmpegX if you messed up the default settings.
  • You can close ffmpegX’s main window after clicking Encode; a new stand-alone Progress window shows you the progress.
  • Repeat the process to convert more files.
  • The “Play” button plays the .rmvb.
  • The “Preview” button plays the (partially) converted .avi file.
  • Press the Return key to stop playback.
  • You can download and install MPlayer to play your .rmvb files. However, it has a bug whereby it only plays video and totally ignores embedded links and other wonderful added features Real is famous for.
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Postfix + fail2ban = win

02/07/2020 Aucun commentaire

Recently, I had to lease a new server. My old one was ok, but it was 5 years old, and showing it’s age. The most recent bout of problems was due to postfix, and a specific domain that I host mail for.

I had previously set up Policyd in an attempt to stop the influx of spam before it ever hit the server, but it wasn’t doing anything at this point. So approximately 800 messages per minute were getting directly to Postfix, and then running queries against MySQL (I use virtual maps for users, aliases, domains, etc). 99% of these messages were to non-existant users, so Postfix would bounce them. But the little 2.0GHz Celeron couldn’t handle it. The load shot up to 8 for around 3 weeks, and stayed there. I wish the fail2ban idea had come to me sooner… Lire la suite…