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Email notifications using Gmail SMTP server on Linux

Send email notifications using Gmail SMTPUsing Gmail SMTP: Suppose you want to configure a Linux app to send out email messages ...
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How to install PSAD Intrusion Detection on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS server

Source: This guide is based on various community forum posts. This guide is intended as a relatively easy step by ...
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How to force ssh login via public key authentication

Source: xmodulo There is ongoing debate on the pros and cons of using passwords versus keys as ssh authentication methods ...
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5 Steps to Setup MySQL Master Master Replication on Ubuntu 16.04

Source: The Master-Slave replication in MySQL databases provides load balancing for the databases. But it does not provide any ...
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Append TimeStamp to file name

I need to create a shell script that appends a timestamp to existing file. I mainly use Mac OS X for ...
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How to Setup MySQL Master Master Replication

MySQL master master replication, also known as “mysql chained replication”, “multi master replication or “mysql daisy chaining replication” is an ...
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ERROR 1040…again

A pretty common topic in Support tickets is the rather infamous error: ERROR 1040: Too many connections. The issue is ...
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MySQL Circular Replication

Source: icicimov Setting the MySQL in Master-Master mode means in case of an instance failure the other one will transparently ...
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