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Fail2ban, POSTFIX and SPAM

15/07/2020 Comments off


Very simple solution:
1) add rule to /etc/fail2ban/jail.conf:

enabled = true
filter = spam
action = iptables[name=SPAM, port=smtp, protocol=tcp]
logpath = /var/log/mail.log
bantime = 3600
ignoreip =
maxretry = 2

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MailRecent (Mail Plugin for Mac OS X)

06/07/2020 Comments off

Source: Gregory F. Welch

Adds “Copy to Recent,” “Move to Recent,” and “Go to Recent” menu items to Apple’s Mail application. These menu items contain dynamically-updated lists of recently used mailboxes. The number of mailboxes kept in the list is determined by the “Number of Recent Items” setting for Documents in the Appearance panel of the OS X System Preferences.




Once installed (see instructions below) as you drag or option-drag a message to a mailbox, that mailbox should then appear under

  • “Copy to Recent” and “Move to Recent” submenus under the “Messages” menu, and
  • a “Go to Recent” submenu under the “Mailboxes” menu.

Similarly if you use Mail’s built-in “Move To” or “Copy To” menus to move a message to a mailbox, that mailbox should then appear in the lists. The recent mailboxes will be sorted alphabetically, the same as OS X does for recent documents. (You can change the sorting behavior using the Terminal application as described below.)

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Postfix + fail2ban = win

02/07/2020 Comments off

Recently, I had to lease a new server. My old one was ok, but it was 5 years old, and showing it’s age. The most recent bout of problems was due to postfix, and a specific domain that I host mail for.

I had previously set up Policyd in an attempt to stop the influx of spam before it ever hit the server, but it wasn’t doing anything at this point. So approximately 800 messages per minute were getting directly to Postfix, and then running queries against MySQL (I use virtual maps for users, aliases, domains, etc). 99% of these messages were to non-existant users, so Postfix would bounce them. But the little 2.0GHz Celeron couldn’t handle it. The load shot up to 8 for around 3 weeks, and stayed there. I wish the fail2ban idea had come to me sooner… Lire la suite…

Supervision de postfix via mailgraph avec le plugin via Nagios/Centreon

26/06/2020 Comments off

Source:  l’admin sous GNU/Linux – blog libreCentreon_graph_mailstat_home


Voici une procédure permettant de contrôler l’activité d’un serveur de messagerie postfix via Nagios / Centreon.

Pour cela nous allons utiliser le plugins avec une petite adaptation du script afin de le rendre compatible avec la génération de graphe sous Centreon.

Le plugin va récupérer depuis des données depuis mailgraph qui permet de générer des graphes via RRDTool

Tout d’abord, il faut installer Mailgraph sur l’hôte à superviser, ici une Debian.

Installation de Mailgraph

aptitude install mailgraph

Si l’installation ne vous a pas poser les questions propres au paramétrage, lancer :

dpkg-reconfigure mailgraph

Voici les questions et réponse à fournir :

Mailgraph doit-il être lancé au démarrage ? OUI

Fichier de journalisation à utiliser par mailgraph : /var/log/mail.log (à adapter)

Faut-il compter les courriels entrants comme des courriels sortants ? NON (J’utilise Amavis, donc j’ai choisi cette option, encore une fois à adapter.

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Thunderbird/Change account order

21/06/2020 Comments off

To change the order of the accounts in Thunderbird simply edit

~/.thunderbird/<your profile>/prefs.js in GNU/Linux,
C:\Documents and Settings\<your profile>\Application Data\Thunderbird\Profiles\****.default\prefs.js in Microsoft Windows XP,

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